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Why Choose Us

Our affiliate program was created by a former affiliate, with more than a decade’s worth of experience at the highest possible level in this challenging industry.

We know that the opposite of Fruity Affiliates is an experience many, many affiliates have been (and will be) forced to swallow. It’s an artificial formula that cuts corners and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. It certainly is not financially nourishing.

So, instead of surviving on a fraction of what you are entitled to, why not choose the honest, full amount that is owed to you month in, month out?

You will promote exciting new online casino and bingo brands that are regularly updated with additional games from a variety of suppliers. These brands offer players some fantastic bonuses and the chance to win serious jackpot prizes.

Okay, so now there is an affiliate program created by a successful former affiliate. What does that really mean to you?

1. Transparency:

Comprehensive statistics so you can track your progress every day, but perhaps more importantly an unparalleled degree of transparency in the way we do business with all our affiliates.

We won’t hit you with hidden fees or sneaky deductions. We will explain that operating a casino comes with costs but those fees and deductions are presented out in the open beforehand for you to see. There are no negative surprises.

Our formula for paying affiliates is the fairest in the industry, and our commission percentages are very tough to beat.

2. Logical tiered commission percentages:

Affiliates know that they have access to traffic but do not necessarily control the quality of that traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for the number of players you deliver instead of on the arbitrary deposits that those players make?

We value your traffic and reward you accordingly! You will earn a higher commission % based solely on the number of new depositing accounts.

3. Communication:

Affiliates are not all alike! We know that many affiliates will require an individually tailored plan. We want to talk to you about your questions, concerns, and wishes.

Successful affiliates are crucial to our business, so we are always available to communicate making sure that you are happy and satisfied. Talk to us today and we can find a bespoke solution ideally suited to you.